1. The tournament will be played under the laws of the game of Rugby Football as framed by the International Rugby Board as accepted by the United States Rugby Football Union.

 2. Match durations are posted on the master schedule.  The tournament organizers  

     can change the duration of a match due to weather or any other unforeseen condition.


 3. The Boys High School Division is divided into 2 pools comprising of 4 teams.  At the end of the first day, the teams         will be ranked and entered the Cup Championship, Bowl Championship, Plate Championship, and Shield  


 4.  Both the girls and boys divisions will comprise of pool play on the first day.   At the end of the first day, the teams          will be ranked and entered into the Cup Championship, Bowl Championship, Plate Championship, and Shield                  Championship.          

 5.  Teams failing to field a team within 5 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time are subject to a forfeit loss by a score          of  15-0.

 6. All teams are required to submit their final roster to the Tournament Office 30 minutes before kick-off time of their         first match.  Once the final roster is submitted, it cannot be changed.  New players cannot be added for the second         day of play.  Teams may not utilize local players who are not CIPP’d or registered with their team.  However, in               exceptional circumstances, the Tournament Organizing Committee or the Tournament Director will grant approval to       teams to utilize local players if a dire emergency exists due to injury, flight delay, family emergency, etc. where the         team cannot compete further without adequate players.  This approval is granted under the spirit of the game, and         carefully considered before approval is granted.  The Tournament Committee has the final say in players                         participating in the tournament.

 7. Eligibility:  A player must be 17 years or younger on September 1, 2019 and be CIPP registered with USA Rugby if         the team is from the USA.  If a player’s age is challenged, it is the responsibility of the challenged player to prove           his/her age.  If unable to provide proof of age, the player will not play for the rest of the tournament.  If the player         has played a match while unable to provide proof of age, the players team will forfeit that match and receive “0”             points.  Any US team playing non CIPP players will also forfeit their match. 


 8. A team may replace up to 8 players per match subject to the consent of the referee.  Once a player has been                 replaced, he/she shall not be able to play in that match again. IRB blood injury rules apply.  Note: SCYR laws will           NOT apply at the tournament where a player who is substituted in the first half can be brought back in the second           half.


​ 9. Only 3 personnel from each team will be given field access.  All reserve players need to remain behind the rope.


10. On the first day of the tournament, points shall be awarded as follows:


      Win – 3 points              Tie- 2 points            Loss – 1 point

      Forfeit – 0 points and 3 points to the opposing team and a bonus score of 15-0.


      If at the end of the pool games two or more teams are equal on ranking points,  

      the order shall be decided as follows:


      The team with the highest point of differential between for and against: if still tied:

      The team scoring the most points, then if still tied:

      The team scoring the most tries, then if still tied:

      The team scoring the most converted tries, then if still tied:

      The toss of a coin.


      On the second day of play, if any match ends in a tie, both teams will play a 10 minute sudden death period.  The          team that scores first is declared the winner, and the match ends at that time.  If at the end of 10 minutes, the              match is still tied, each team shall attempt to kick 5 conversions, using 5 different players, alternating between              kicks.  The kicks shall be taken at a designated point close to the 22 meter line, as determined by the referee.  If            the score is still tied, the winner shall be decided by a toss of the coin.


11. Sin-Bin.  A sin-bin will be used throughout the tournament.  A player may be sent         

      for a minimum of 5 minutes to the sin-bin.  Any player sent to the sin bin twice in the same day will not be allowed        further participation in the tournament.


12. Red card.  If a player is sent off during a match, he cannot be replaced and the team will play with reduced                    numbers  for the rest of the match.  The player will be suspended for the rest of the tournament.


13. The Referee’s ruling is final.  Any appeals regarding rules or laws that were violated should be submitted to the              Officials tent.


14. In the event of delay due to injury, weather, team unavailability or no show etc. the Tournament Committee has              sole  discretion on changes to match times and cancel or reschedule matches if, and when, necessary.


15. To avoid “stacking” of teams, no player shall be listed on two rosters or play for two teams without the written approval of the Tournament committee. 





  • All coaches and/or administrators are responsible for the behavior of their players and supporters on and off the field and at any tournament organized event. 


  • Basic First Aid will be provided to injured players.  When required, an ambulance will be summoned.  It is the responsibility of a designated team official to accompany the injured player to hospital.  At the request of the team, ice will be provided for injuries.


  • All tournament attendees are required to use the crosswalk when crossing the street.  Coaches are required to inform their players that it is mandatory to use the crosswalk and obey the traffic signals when crossing the streets.


  • Alcohol, smoking, or drugs are not permitted on the school grounds.  Dogs are not permitted per Fullerton City Code.


  • Abusive and/or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.  Any incident on the field will be handled by the assigned referee and/or the Chief Referee Coordinator.  Incidents off the field will be handled by the Tournament Committee.  The tournament organizers have the right to ask anybody who is creating a disturbance at the tournament to leave the grounds immediately.